How to make yourself happy 1. Have targets and goals 2.Smile always 3.Share the happiness with others 4.Willing to help others 5.Keep a childlike heart 6.Get on well with different kinds of people 7.Keep the sense of humor 9.Forgive others 10.Have some really good friends 11.Always work in a team 12.Enjoy the family gathering time 13. Be confident and proud of yourself 14.Respect the weak 15.Indulge yourself, sometimes 16.Work from time to time 17.Be brave and courageous 18.Finally, don’t be a moneygrubber


Make Yourself Happy 冯瑞娇 2014505002 Chen Qizhen has a song called “The meaning of travel” which leads people to consider the significance of the travel. Some people said that the first half of the tour is to see as much as scenery, the second half of the road is to see their own. The meaning of travel is to wash the body and soul. Other people think the fun of travel is not to find the destination, but let yourself lost in the unknown journey. Travel is to get lost, lost is to meet beautiful things. Now, a lot of friends would say that I have no time. But I would like to say, you have to ask yourself is really no time or did not have the courage to take that step. I remember I have read a book, which has a famous words

Either reading or traveling, body or soul must be on the way. I love this sentence, so I love traveling. During my university I always hope that my soul is on the way. it will help me being happy. I have been to the ancient town of Fenghuang and the ancient city of Xi’an to feel the history cultural heritage. I have been to Wudang mountains, weihai, yantai, penglai to see the beauty of nature.I have been to HongKong, Macan to enjoy the luxurious and prosperities. And I have also been to Luoyang and changsha to looking for these cities’ delicious food. Some people will say that you have been to so many places because you have enough money. In fact it is incorrect. Maybe, most girls like to buy many clothes , cosmetics and like watch movies, and small part of girls choose to save money. But I just use the money to do what make me happy. Every journey has a different peer, each trip has different memory. All of the memory can make me happy. This should be the significance of my trip. Try to do whatever I like. I will have a very good mood. Everyone has his own interest things. So everyone has the duty to work hard to make themselves happy.


How to make yourself more valuable? 如何让自己变得值钱? At the initial sight of such a title, I am really thrown into a dizzy condition, totally at a loss as to how to proceed with it. 乍一看,这个话题令我有些眩晕,真的不知如何下手。

On second thought, I should prepare myself well enough and dwell upon such a nice topic for a presentation to my students, who may be imparted some advice and put into deep thinking about their life and values. So it is worth doing well. 细细想来,我倒是觉得该好好准备一下,深入思考这个话题,给我的学生们写篇小文,这样 他们就能得到一些启迪,也会深入思考自己的人生和人生价值。嗯,这活值得做! Actually, everyone wants to be somebody as they don’t want to be looked down on by their equals. However, we are born out of different molds and grow into all shapes and builds. 实际上,谁都想成名成家,不被身边的人瞧不起。然而,我们各自的生存环境迥异,成年后 也就形形色色,三教九流了。

As we all know, babies have a lot in common. But as we grow up from the childhood, we change drastically from one another as we were exposed to all desirable and undesirable conditioned responses or stimuli in our childhood. Some benefit a lot by obtaining the basic essentials and makings for their future benefits while others begin to get the worst of it as they fail to obtain the necessary qualities and rudiments. So there is a clear-cut line unknowingly drawn between two groups of people

upper dogs and losers. 显然,初生牛犊倒是有许多共同点。可是我们慢慢成长起来,变化就越来越大了,因为我们 的整个童年都充斥着各种刺激,有些是正能量的,也有负能量的。有些人从中丰富了自己的 潜能和素质,终生受益,而也有些人则略显不幸,未能学到基本的知识,也没提高素质,受 苦自然是免不了的。所以我们有意识无意识地感受到有两种人群存在着:成功者和失败者。

The two different groups of people are poles or worlds apart in that they are measured or gauged valuable or insignificant with a well-accepted yardstick or by rule of thumb. 这两种人群泾渭分明, 因为人们会用公认的标杆或凭经验衡量一个是否有价值还是毫无价值。

However, life is realistically cruel and no one, after all, is expected to be killed at birth. The key lies in how you can keep your life going on as expected. 然而,现实生活是严酷的,毕竟没有人一出生就指望着被弄死。关键问题在于我们如何不负 众望地生活着。

So you will try all means possible to make yourself more valuable, acceptable and admirable. 因此,你需要尽力增加自己的成色,变得更有价值、更有品味。

Young as we were, we used to be spoonfed by our seniors. As we grow into our childhood, we learn to spoonfeed ourselves. As we move along in our life course, we are gradually burdened with more human duties, say, a nucleus family to support, and now we are duty-bound to toil away our adulthood to earn as many essentials as possible to spoonfeed ourselves and our loved ones. 年少之时,我们不用操心,长辈们供养着我们。慢慢长大,我们学着自食其力。再往后,我 们的人生渐入佳境,可这时我们却背负着越来越多的人生重担,比如,有了自己的小家,这 时你就要拼命工作,尽量赚钱,要供养自己和自己所爱的人。

The problem is how we can effectively polish ourselves up as a job applicant or candidate, a job-hopper, a job seeker, or an interviewee. You are eternally faced with unbearable tests and challenges in the life course. You are actually forced to fight it out until the game is over. 我们身为求职者、跳槽哥、求职妹或面试秀的常客,面临着这么一个问题:如何有效打造自 己, 使自己变得更加光鲜亮丽呀?人生中你永远都要应对难以忍受的考试和挑战。

游戏没完 之前,你必须不停地跳江南 Style(奋斗到底)。

So today you are kindly invited to stay with Andrew to talk about this topic. Now it is your time to air or voice your own ideas. Hopefully, this discussion will set you thinking about the problem from the positive perspective and at the same time you are positively motivated for a better performance. 今天大家有幸受邀和阎先生一起讨论这期话题。好了,请发表一下自己的看法吧!希望本期 讨论能引起大家对这个问题的思考,当然是积极的思考,同时也希望你得到了正能量,受到 启发,回去好好干下去。 7 steps below will Help you be lacking in confidence no more. 7 招教你抬头挺胸重拾自信 1.Monitor the Negative Voice 监控消极的声音 Start by monitoring your negative voice. Notice when you are self-critical, and observe the conversations that go on in your head. When you become aware of the conversations, you can then work on changing them. Your job is to ensure that the voice in your head is positive and supportive at all times and not negative and critical. 从监控自己的消极的声音开始吧。

当你自我批评时就要注意了, 考虑一下在你脑海里的对话。

当你意识到这些对话内容时, 你就可以想办法去改变这些对话的内容了。

你一定要确保你脑 海里的声音永远都是积极向上的,不要有任何的消极的批判。

2.Friends & Family 朋友与家人 Ask your family and friends for their honest opinions about what your strengths are. What do they think you are good at? What were you good at when you were a child? If you want an extensive review, write out a checklist, and ask them what they think of you in the listed areas. Ask a couple of people and then you can see if the opinions are similar—just make sure the person you ask is not someone who is jealous of you or would have any reason to hurt or offend you. 问问家人和朋友,让他们诚实的说出你的强项在哪里、他们认为你擅长什么、你小的时候又 擅长什么?如果你想要个全面的评估,那就写个单子,按着单子上的内容逐一询问。可以多 问几个人,看看大家的意见是否相似。

3.No Comparisons 不要与别人比 Don’t compare yourself with others—it’s a recipe for disaster. You only need to be good enough for you, so it doesn’t matter what you sister, brother, friend or enemy has achieved. Make your own standards and set goals that are right for you. 不要总和别人比,因为这是灾难的开始。你只需要在自己能力范围内做到最好就可以了。无 论是你的兄弟姐妹, 还是你的朋友敌人取得了什么样的成绩都不重要。

你只要拥有合适自己 的标准和目标就可以了。 4.Journalling 要写日志 Take a long look at yourself and write apage describing yourself. Journaling can be a great way to look at yourself objectively. Tell your story like it belongs to someone else. What do you honestly think you are good at? Nobody has to see what you write, just write for you. Write down all of your past achievements—start with last year and write about anything that went well, and then extend the list year by year, making sure you include all of your achievements. 仔细的考虑过后, 写下一页关于描述自己的内容。

日志是一个非常好的帮助你客观自我鉴定 的方法。要像描述别人一样讲自己的故事。诚实的面对自己,你认为自己擅长什么?没必要 把你写的东西给别人看。把你过去所有的成就都写下来,可以从去年开始,然后将内容按着 年来延伸,一定要确保把自己所有的成就都写下来。

5.Pers作文onality Assessment 性格鉴定 Do a Personality assessment. These assessments are a great way to understand yourself and to see how you fit in in the world; your personal strengths will become more apparent when you are familiar with your own personality. 做个性格鉴定。

这一个非常棒的办法让你更好的了解自己, 让你知道自己是如何在这个世界 立足的。如果你能清晰的了解自己性格上的有点,你就能好的了解自己。

6.Create a Positive Environment 创造积极的环境 Make sure that you surround yourself with people who love and support you. If criticism is coming from external sources, remove yourself from the environments that encourage negativity. If you don’t have any friends or family members who inspire and uplift you, join a community that will. There are many groups, both online and offline, that have been formed to encourage people towards a happier and positive life; join one. 要确定自己与爱你支持你的人在一起。

如果批评来自于外界, 那就让自己离开这个消极的环 境。如果你身边没有愿意激励你、抬高你的人,那就加入一个有这样的人的群体里。在互联 网上和现实生活中都有愿意鼓励别人,让别人更快乐更积极的集体,找到他们加入他们。 7.Drown Yourself in Positivity 让自己积极乐观 Create affirmations that uplift you. Postpositive messages to yourself all over your house and work, and every time you say something negative to yourself, replace it with positive thoughts or words. The most important thing to remember is that you are in control of your thoughts. Any past negative patterns can be broken but you must fill the void with positive supportive thoughts and words. Remember that it’s important to be happy with who you, are and to achieve things in life that are right for you. So get a bit of perspective, look at yourself objectively and learn how to be happy with who you are. 写一句肯定自我的话。将它贴满自己的房间和工作的地方,每一次你否定自我的时候,就用 这句肯定自我的话将脑海中的消息信息替换掉。


任何消 极的思维都可以被消灭,但是你需要用一个积极向上的思维将其替换掉。要记住,你开开心 心的做自己,开开心心的成就你人生中改成就的事。因此好好审视一下自己,想想要如何开 开心心的做自己。
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