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  immediately after he was born,hermes was appointed godof thieves at olympus.and a thiefhe became when he was barely a few hours old.feeling hungry,the infant left his cradle afternightfall to hunt for food.he chanced uponapollo''s oxen grazing on a meadow and drove anumber ofthese animals away,tying tree branches around the feet of thecattle to make theirfootsteps dim.he killed two of these oxenand had a magnificent dinner.then he slipped backinto his littlebed in his mother''s house.when apollo came to question himhermes pretended tobe innocent.the angry sungod draggedhim up to olympus,where he was accused of thestealing andmade to return the cattle to their master.in reconciliation little hermes gaveapollo the lyre he had made out of a tortoise shell,and apollo was so pleased with the gift thathe presented his little brother with a magic stick.the stick could pacify hostileforces.

  in due time hermes was appointed messenger of zeus andthe gods.the gods equipped himwith a pair of winged sandalsand winged cap to enable him to travel swifter than sight.it washermes who took the messages of zeus to the world below.

  hermes was a patron of travellers.his busts and statueswere set up as dividing marks atcrossroads or street corners toguide passersby.the hermes,as these statues werecalled,were regarded as sacred,and their mutilation was sacrilegiousand punishable bydeath.the destruction of the numerous hermes within the city of athens caused a terribleexcitement amongits citizens that it might be no exaggeration to state that itchanged thewhole course of historic development of athens .






  pygmalion,king of cyprus,was a famous sculptor.he made an ivory image of a woman solovely that he fell in love with it.every day he tried to make galatea up in gold and purple,forthat was the name he had given to this mistress of his heart.he embraced and kissed it,but itremaineda statue.in despair he went to aphrodite''s shrine for help.offering rich sacrificeand sending up a passionate prayer,he begged the goddess to give him a wife as gracefulas galatea.back home,he went straight up to the statue.even as he gazedat it a changecame over it.a faint colour appeared on its cheeks,a gleam shone from its eyes and its lipsopened into as weet smile.pygmalion stood speechless when ualatea began to move towardshim.she was simple and sweet and alive!soon the room was ringing with her sliver voice.thework of his own hands became his wife.




  Eros was the god of love,better known by hislatin name Cupid.Son of Aphrodite by Ares ,hetook his place among the small gods of Olympus.He was represented asa little naked boy,withsparkling wings,and he carried his bowand arrows wherever he wandered.Shooting histhrilling arrows in evils,he inspired the passion of love and provided all nature with life andpower of reproduction.The lovely,naughty god had two kinds of arrows:the gold tippedarrows used to quicken the pulse of love and the lead tipped ones to palsy it. Besides,hehad a torch to light hearts with.

  Though sometimes he was blindfolded ,no man nor god,Zeus himself included,was safe fromhis evils.At one time the little naughty god was wounded by his own arrows and suchburninglove was awakened in him for the human maiden Psyche that he disregarded the constantinterference of his mother and plucked up his courage to beg Zeus for justice.Anotherfamousstory where Eros played an important part was the Argonauticexpedition.Medea,daughter of king Aeetes,was wounded by Eros' arrows,took Jason'spart in recovering the golden fleece and eventually became the hero's wife.










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